BOSCO 1000 Boathook Specifications

LIGHT. The BOSCO 1000 boat hook weighs only 440 gms.
SELF LOCKING, as soon as it is subjected to a tension of 30Kgs, the BOSCO 1000 locks itself and cannot open.
The BOSCO 1000 is made out of stainless steel, nickel chromium plates with molybdenum, which resists rust.
The BOSCO 1000 boathook comes complete with the extending pole 3' 9" - 6' 3" (1.1metres to 2.05 metres).
The hook opens to a maximum of 17/16" (36mm approx).
The four-metre black line has a two-metre white release line running down the centre.
The WIRE LOOP is 39" long (one metre) and attaches with a shekel. It is strong holding up a heavy boat to 10 tons.
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